Sunday, August 27, 2006

Decided to actually to something over the weekend. Really like this potential to do other stuff with. Came across some pictures of walrus' and thought ive never seen a character based around that concept...then i got thinking about Charles Bronson in the Death Wish flicks (as you do) and thought it could be cool to have him be a vigilante. Haven't thought much about his motive ...has to be something silly tho, so if anyone can help me out lease pleave a comment.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

'bowlcut' erama dad found these at the weekend.
think i was 11.

why did i let him cut my hair?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Started modelling this geeza a while ago in Maya...didn't turn out as well as i hoped but hopefully i can re-do him at somepoint now that i know how to actually use zbrush. Also fairly pleased with the quick colouring on him which i something i need to perfect. I tend to spend way to long colouring and often overwork what i'm aiming for.
This was an attempt at doing some perspective environment work, not great by a long shot but just wanted to add some variety to the blog.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Did this illustration at college 'bout 8 years ago. Think it was the last time i actually used paint.
This i did to get more action into my work. Alot of the stuff i do is quite static so perhaps this blog will encourage me to do more 'actiony' pieces. Would love to colour this bitch in but everytime i try it never seems to go right. May get round to it at some stage...

...yes i know the perspective is off.
This character was to be a concept for a CG Chat competition i entered at the start of the year. It was to design a warlord, but as you can tell he doesn't really have the presence of one so i ditched him in favour of a different design. I still kinda like him tho :)
Heres something that kept me busy during my (brief) time at DC Studios. I wasn't doing any 3D so in my spare time i concepted and started modelling this sniper chick.

Did these two yonks ago, but just thought i'd up them anyway just so's ive got something up here.

ich heise christoph!

Howdy doody!

My good friend Ross of Burt linked me up to his blogspot (awesome stuff dude!), and thought... i've got stuff lying around so why not start my own. Thought it'd also be a good way of keeping me drawing. I'm a character modeller at R* so don't get the chance to do much doodlin these days so it'd be great to get back into.

Anyway, if you see anything you like or don't and want to rip into...feel free to post a comment.