Monday, October 02, 2006

Theres a Streetfighter redesign contest on polycount at the mo, a few guys from work are having a stab at it so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon. Thought i'd go with M.Bison.

Dunno if this is a good enough redesign cos he doesn't look radically different. Kinda like the fact that he's stylised but not sure if i can pull it off in 3d. May have a bash anyway.


Blogger Ross Burt said...

pretty cool dude, i like the fact that he isn't radically diferent, he is still recognisable as Bison, but has developed, like how he might appear in the an SF sequel...i think you should defo try and get the style across to 3D, that would be sweet

5:54 AM  

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